Andrew George (1975) is a passionate award winning Dutch nature, wildlife & travel photographer. His interest in the beauty of nature started early in his youth. When he first visited Iceland in 2002, he got inspired by the magnificent landscapes and wildlife and wished to preserve its beauty visually, through photography. Since then, his interest for photography grew until he finally joined a course at the Fotovakschool (the foremost Dutch photography school) after his dream career in photography began.

Andrew likes to travel, but he doesn’t need to travel far when it comes to seeking stunning wildlife and nature – the areas near his home Eindhoven, The Netherlands is enough of a journey to discover a world of beauty. He still visits his first love, Iceland, on a regular basis. In nature he escapes from the busy daily life we live in and gets inspired by nature. Andrew likes to evoke the element of surprise by capturing the common in uncommon and artistic ways.  All his photos are taken with respect for nature and wildlife with a great deal of passion and “natural inspiration”.


Andrew has received many (inter)national photography awards including some from

National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter, Asferico, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, IGPOTY, Windland Smith and Rice and many more.

I hope you like my vision and photography.

Cheers, Andrew George

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